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Serenity Spa Maui

Prices shown

reflect $10. discount


Booking an outcall to your location is simple

choose from one of our 2 options.

Outcall massage hours 10am-5pm

3 hours minimum. Advance booking is required.

Flat Rates shown below includes a mixture of our relaxing blend and deep blend.

Each massage, is full 60 or 90mins, catered to your needs and focus areas.

Included in your treatment is use of our coconut oil, foot cream for deep hydration, and our facial spray.

3 hours "Double Take" $280

90 mins per person

One therapist, One table, 2 people

$140 per person

3 hours "Triple Hitter" $300

60mins per person

One therapist, One table, 3 people

$100 per person

There are parking fees associated with Hyatt, Marriott, and Sheraton.

You will be notified when booking. Not more than $10.